Sunday, 21 November 2010

The Frame: Project - Cropping and extending

Exercise: Cropping

Aim:  The aim of this exercise is to revisit 3 earlier photos and investigating a different crop of each.


The following crop was to accentuate the line of cars on the big wheel.  The unexpected outcome was that I noticed the remembrance day poppies on all the carriages, changing the emphasis of the image from the lines, shapes and patterns of a big wheel to an image depicting remembrance day.

This next crop focuses on the symmetry of the building, removing any other distractions.  The cloud pattern fanning out over the building becomes more important as does the large spike on the roof.

For the final image I chose to focus on the diamond pattern created by shadows of the pillars.  I did this by cropping the distractions on the left and top of the frame (these were as a result of using a 95% viewfinder).  I then cropped the large bright pillar on the right as it was drawing my eye.  This has the effect of tightening and emphasizing the pattern on the floor

Learning points:

It is important not to settle for the image frame and composition that you originally took without exploring different crops of the image.  You may find something you missed in the image or a more pleasing or balanced image.

One continual problem I have is that the 95% viewfinder on my camera means I am always cropping images and never capture what I see first off.  This may have it's good side as I am always forced to revisit images.

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