Friday, 24 February 2012

Narrative and Illustration: Project - Illustration

Exercise: juxtaposition

Aim:  The aim of this exercise is to put together two elements so as to suggest a relationship (juxtaposition).  The options were to illustrate a book cover or photograph someone with a possession, or the results of their work or hobby.  I chose the latter.

Approach and results:  I tried a number of different ideas for this.  I spent time at a stables where a friend of mine looks after the horses.  I took a number of shots of her working but they were all a bit static and not overly interesting.  Also horses are very dark when in the stables as the lighting is dim and they do what they fancy when they are outside (I'm not a big fan and wasn't getting that close) making the shot a bit hit and miss.

I changed tack and I finally settled on this image which is Ed working on an amplifier with the finished product in the foreground.  This links what Ed does through the job he is photographed doing through to the finished product.  Between Ed and the finished amplifiler is a checklist and pen suggesting an order of events.  There are lines from the amp and the workspace leading into the frame pointing towards Ed.

Learning points:
I found it quite difficult to meet the brief and get an interesting picture.  There need to be certain elements to make the picture work for the brief and certain elements that make the picture interesting.  Making a more eye catching picture often resulted in losing the reason for taking it.

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