Sunday, 10 October 2010

Bardot, Bond, Beckham and Beyond: Photographs by Terry ONeill

Whilst completing an exercise for 'The art of photography' on Saturday, I went into the Richard Goodall gallery in Manchester to view this exhibition.  If you're in the area it is well worth visiting.  Terry O'Neill has been taking celebrity photos for many decades and there are some great images.  O'Neill is renowned for capturing people in a sympathetic way, bourne out by the images on display.

My favourite?  There is a David Bowie Diamond Dogs contact sheet from 1975.  Apparently Bowie was stoned at the time which is clear from the series of pictures.  I like the contact sheet because it gives an idea of how difficult it was to get the shot right especially with a big lively dog.  You can also see the way the shot was set up as the images are not cropped like the final print.  You can see the toy/treat that has been dangled to make the dog jump and the simple construction of the set.  It also shows that you don't get it right every time and that the final image takes effort.  If I had the money a copy would be on my wall now.

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