Friday, 22 October 2010

The Frame: Project - Looking through the view finder

Exercise: Object in different positions in the frame

Aim:  The aim of this exercise is to explore the effect of putting the subject in different areas of the frame.

Plan:  Whilst doing the previous exercise I decided that I would find an object in Lyme Park that I could isolate against the background.  I had no strict idea of the subject but I wanted a series of shots that did not include an horizon.  I spotted a plant growing out of a wall and took a couple of test shots to make sure it was suitable.


The following shots are show examples in order of preference from best to worst.  All shots were tripod mounted and an aperture stopped down slightly to 7.1 to ensure focus across the frame.

The most pleasing image is with the subject in the upper left of the frame.  Because, in this case, the plant is growing down and slightly to the right, it leads into the image from this position.  Also, not being central brings the background into play as part of the image rather than something that happened to be behind the plant.  The other off centre images work to lesser degrees.

The central subject, despite capturing the subject clearly, looks like attention was paid to the subject alone without any interest in the background.  This image would have worked better if the background were thrown out of focus (not possible with this subject).  The background has to play a part.

The last image with the subject on the far right does not work.  The subject is too far to the edge of the frame suggesting that the subject was almost missed.   

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