Monday, 7 February 2011

Elements of design: Project - lines

Exercise: diagonals

Aim:  The aim of this exercise is to follow on the exercise on horizontal and vertical lines with 4 examples of strong diagonals.

Approach and results:

For this exercise I wanted to find a mix of diagonals.  The examples are all man made but quite different.  This first image is of the inside of an old arcade.  The elaborate railings provide strong diagonals from all corners, converging near the middle.  They provide a sense of direction, movement and focus for the image.

F3.5  1/13 sec  ISO 200

The second image is taken vertically inside the cladding of a modern office block.  The diagonals are created by virtue of the height of the building.  I used black and white for this image as there were only hints of colour that added nothing other than distraction from the subject. 

F5.6  1/40 sec  ISO 100

This third example is of an aqueduct and differs from the previous two in that the diagonals do not come from the 4 corners and converge towards the top of the image in a distant vanishing point.

F10  1/160 sec  ISO 100

In this fourth image I have created the diagonals by virtue of the camera angle.  Holding the camera at an angle can lengthen subjects in the frame and can look far less static than a conventional horizontal or vertical image.

F14  1/80 sec  ISO 200

Learning points:

Diagonals create a strong sense of movement and drama in an image.  This is the case whether they converge within the frame or cross it.

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