Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Elements of design: Project - shapes

Exercise: Real and implied triangles.

Aim:  The aim of this exercise is to create two sets of images; the first 'real' triangles and the second 'implied' triangles.

Approach and results:

This first set of 3 images are of real triangles i.e. they have real edges that form a triangle.  This first image is an actual triangle.  The frames of the windows in this building are triangular creating an increasingly large triangle as you include more windows.

F13  1/125 sec  ISO200

This second image is a triangle by perspective.  The railway track is straight but the angle of the camera creates the triangle.  There is direction and movement as the track dissappears into the distant tunnel.  This is also backed up by the viewers knowledge that a railway track suggests travel and direction.

F5  1/25 sec  ISO200
This third image is also a triangle by perspective as the beams on the roof converge in the distance with the cross beams forming a series of traingles.  There are other considerations in this image; the pillars and lights make this image less 'clean' than the previous one.  The previous image is simpler and the traingle more obvious and stronger.

F6.3  1/80 sec  ISO800
 This second set of images is of implied triangles i.e. traingles that are made by the eye.  The first two are quite obvious triangular still lifes using similarly sized tea light holders.  The diference being the second image is an inverted traingle.  They both create very structured still lifes but in this case I think that the inverted triangle is more effective as it places a single object at the front of the image creating a hierarchy or order in which to view the image.

F20  1/60 sec  ISO200

F20  1/60 sec  ISO200

This third image is of a wine tasting event.  The vinyard owner with his animated explanation and gestures, the customer taking in the bouquet and the restaurant owner listening intently behind.  There is a structure and order to the image that tells the story of the event.

F4.5  1/15 sec  ISO800
Learning points:

Real and implied triangles can be used in images to create structure and direction.  They create order within the image and also an order in which to view the image.

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