Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Elements of design: Project - lines

Exercise: curves

Aim:  The aim of this exercise is to take four photographs using curves to emphasise movement or direction.

Approach and results:  Again for this exercise I wanted to use four different subjects.  This first image is of a restored arcade with ornate railings running around the floors.  The strong curves in the railings lead the eye into the image and the eye follows them like a they were a continuous ribbon running round the floors.

F7.1  1/13 sec  ISO400

This second image shows a line of curved paving stones.  This is reinforced by the objects deliberately placed along its length, creating a curve of their own.  I have captured the full curve from corner to corner so that it leads the eye through the picture.  Taking the picture at a different angle could produce a different result, for example, emphasising the straight line of stones that currently plays little or no part in the image.

F13  1/320 sec  ISO400

The third image is of a 60's office building that has a continually curving, wavelike front.  The long curve is emphasised by the repeating pattern of floors, creating a series of curved stripes through the image.  This image was technically more difficult as I was aiming upwards, creating slight converging verticals.  Correcting this meant that the lamp posts started to bend outwards.  The way the curves work in the image meant that I could never get the picture aligned how I wanted.  I'm sure it is straight but can't see it! 

F13  1/80 sec  ISO400

The final image is of the shadow of a tennis net.  The net had been lowered whilst not in use creating a long curve with a number of repeating fine curves reinforcing it.  There are a number of actual white lines in this image but they default to the shadow of the net and only act as an aid to identify the subject as a tennis court.  I viewed this image in black and white thinking that the shadow would stand out more.  Interestingly, using a black and white image makes the straight white lines far more competitive.

F13  1/125 sec  ISO200

Learning points:

The key learning point is creating a curve that is strong enough to lead in the image otherwise the direction or movement that you wish to create is not apparent.

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